The effect of anxiety on shooting proficiency among college women basketball players

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Anxiety can have a negative effect on the information processing system. People with anxiety have difficulty storing and retrieving information (Nelson & Harwood, ). Some students are very difficult to formally or informally assess because of anxiety. Not all teachers understand the signs of anxiety and the effects on their Size: KB. International Journal of Exercise Science 10(4): , Participation in competitive sport may impact psychological measures, such as mood and performance anxiety, which in turn may impact enjoyment, adherence, continued participation, and so on. This study assessed the feasibility – in terms of process, resources, management, and potential scientific value– of measuring the effect Cited by: 1. Although shooting is an automatic, well-sequenced skill, it may be affected by the feelings, emotions and anxiety before, during and after training or competition. According to the Lundqvist (), the nature of sport competition is a powerful stressor, and stress is an imbalance between the demands of the situation encountered by an. 1. am, “Effect of Hockey Skill Training With and Without Weight on Selected Speed Cardio Respiratory Endurance and Explosive Power among School Level Women Players “Paripex Indian Journal of Research Vol. 6 Issue 2 February page no impact factor: 2.

Immediate effect of weight training as compared to aerobic exercise on free throw shooting in collegiate basketball players. Perceptual and Motor Skills. 73 (2), – Stilger, V., & Meador, R. (). The law of attraction is so real and powerful. It helps me find things so much quicker. Also I love basketball and law of attraction and other events in my life helped me get back in the game. So thankful. Gratitude is soooo helpful when it comes to manifesting positive experiences. You can take my word for it. When researchers examined the influence of perceived coach support on anxiety among high school tennis players, their results indicated that for players who were predisposed to feeling anxious (trait anxious), the perceived support of their coach tempered their anxiety and helped them to cope far better with the psychological demands of. Allowing learners to control some aspect of instructional support (e.g., augmented feedback) appears to facilitate motor skill acquisition. No studies, however, have examined self-controlled (SC) video feedback without the provision of additional attentional cueing. The purpose of this study was to extend previous SC research using video feedback about movement form for the basketball set shot Cited by:

Objective: Most comprehensive mental training programs stress the development of psychological skills and techniques such as anxiety management, imagery, goal settings, concentration and confidence. According to this introduction the purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of the mental imagery training on anxiety on the soccer players.   (, August 3). High academic stress linked to increased illness, injuries among college football players: Starting players more likely to get hurt during test weeks than training camp. Athletic Departments Can Do More to Support Student Athletes With Mental Illnesses There are a lot of articles about the pressures of college while you have a mental illness. There are even articles specifically about being an athlete in college living with depression or eating disorders.

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Get this from a library. The effect of anxiety on shooting proficiency among college women basketball players. [Betty Kae Smith]. Smith3() conducted a study of the effects of anxiety on shooting proficiency among College Women Basketball players. Members of the South Dakota State University women’s basketball team (N =12) were measured on State Anxiety Inventory (SAI).

Smith Belly K., “The Effect of Anxiety in Shooting Proficiency Among College Women Basketball Players”, Completed Research in Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Weinberg Robert S., “Relationship Between Competitive Train Anxiety, State Anxiety and Golf Performance: A Field Study”, Abstracts of ResearchFile Size: KB.

Basketball players to improve their performance and ultimately excel in their game. References 1. Belly K Smith, The effect of anxiety in shooting proficiency among College Women Basketball Players,2.

Brisswalter. Influence of Physical Exercise on Simple Reaction time: Effect of Physical Fitness. Perceptual-and-Author: Rajeeva Hn, C Venkatesh. EFFECT OF SOME PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES-ANXIETY AND TENSION ON THE LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE OF BASKETBALL AIMING SKILLS FOR DEAF PLAYERS IN JORDAN Aiman Awad Graib, PhD AlBalqa Applied University, Jordan, salt Subhi Ahmad Qablan, PhD AlBalqa Applied University, Jordan, salt Hisham Ali Aldmour, PhD Dean of the Al Karak University College AbstractCited by: 1.

The effects of competitive anxiety on memory span and rebound shooting tasks in basketball players Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Sports Sciences 11(6) January with Reads. performance in competition, in addition to comparing players' anxiety when playing against rivals of different levels.

The sample was composed of 10 players from a basketball team of the Spanish Amateur Basketball League. The State-Trait Anxiety Inventory-S (STAI-S) was utilized for the evaluation of state and trait : Lucia Abenza Cano, Francisco Alarcón López, Nuria Ureña Ortín, Maria Isabel Piñar López.

Vincent Parnabas, Julinamary Parnabas, Antoinette Mary Parnabas -The Effect of Somatic Anxiety on Sport Performances among Football Players EUROPEAN ACADEMIC RESEARCH- Vol. II, Issue 11/ February district and 36 respondents participated at. between cognitive anxiety and sport performance among basketball players, (r = ; Size: KB.

Not only do student athletes have to transition from high school to college athletics but they also have to adjust to the academic and other demands of college life. The classes become much more challenging, time management is now an essential part of life, and many student athletes have to adjust to living in a new city with new people.

The Effect of Cognitive Anxiety on Sport Performances among Football Players Vincent Parnabas1, Julinamary Parnabas2, Antoinette Mary Parnabas3 ABSTRACT: Sports psychologists have long believed that high levels of cognitive anxiety during competition are harmful, worsening performance and even leading to dropout.

The instrument used for theFile Size: KB. A study of anxiety in female Kho-Kho, kabaddi and softball intercollegiate players Tangarani Abstract The effect of anxiety on shooting proficiency among college women basketball players book present paper focuses on comparing the anxiety level among female intercollegiate Kho-Kho, Kabaddi and Softball players.

Anxiety is one of the greatest problems of modern trends in Author: Tangarani. The present study examined how the level of trait anxiety, which is a personality characteristic, influences state anxiety and penalty shoot-out performance under pressure by instruction. The high and low trait anxiety groups were selected by using Spielberger's Trait Anxiety Scale, with trait anxiety scores, and control and pressure conditions manipulated by instructions.

The Influence of Anxiety on Visual Attentional Control in Basketball Free Throw Shooting Mark R. Wilson, Samuel J. Vine, and Greg Wood University of Exeter The aim of this study was to test the predictions of attentional control theory using the quiet eye period as an objective measure of attentional control.

Ten basketball players. The current pilot study aimed at providing an initial assessment of how anxiety influences police officers’ shooting behavior. Seven police officers participated and completed an identical shooting exercise under two experimental conditions: low anxiety, against a non-threatening opponent, and high anxiety (HA), against a threatening opponent who occasionally shot back using colored soap Cited by: These preliminary findings suggest that the competitive conditions in this study significantly affected some measures of mood and performance anxiety in high school basketball players.

performance for basketball players, while no other significant findings were determined across sport or type of anxiety. This research may benefit the field of sport psychology, contributing both to players and coaches, by suggesting effective stress management Size: KB.

Screening Test. Fifty nine male soccer players (age: 18–22 years, M = years; years of playing soccer: 6–17 years, M = years) were recruited from a university soccer club to participate in the screening test, all of whom signed an informed consent Japanese version of the STAI (trait) was used to assign participants to one of two groups (either high or low trait anxiety Cited by: The present study has been conducted to investigate the effects of self-talk on free throw performance and the level of anxiety among male novice basketball players.

Forty-eight (48) male novice basketball players ( ± years) was : Mohd Saufi Dali, Vincent A. Parnabas. Sports psychology for basketball offers ways to overcome performance anxiety.

Athletes that perform well during practice can still and many do suffer from performance anxiety on game day. It usually takes the form of nervousness, anxiety or fear that interferes with the athlete’s performance during the game. free throw performance and the level of anxiety among male novice basketball players.

Forty-eight (48) male novice basketball players ( ± years) was selected. The participants were assigned into four matched groups of twelve (12) participants: instructional self-talk (IST), motivationalAuthor: Mohd Saufi Dali, Vincent A.

Parnabas. This study examined the effects of perceived ability of opponent (toughest, moderate, and weakest) and game location (home, away) on precompetitive state anxiety levels in US male and female high school basketball players [location, date not specified]. Each player from one male team (n=14) and one female team (n=9) was administered the Competitive State Anxiety Inventory (CSAI-2), 30 minutes Cited by: anxiety and motor abilities among inter college football players Muzafar Ahmad Lone Abstract psychological variable anxiety and motor abilities among inter college football players”.

As per the tudy all the students are considered as one single group, these subjects are the players of football. The group is comprised of 20 : Muzafar Ahmad Lone. The first group consisted of recently graduated college athletes (out of ) who were asked to participate within 2 years of graduation; % were women and % were men.

The majority of participants in this group were white (n =%); 53% were between the ages of 21 and 23 by: boys and girls football players. Sports competitive Anxiety Test (SCAT) by (Martens et al., ) was used to measure the level of anxiety for the football players.

The Sports Competitive Anxiety Scores of Boys and Girls football players was found to be average (n=60, mean=, σ= and SEM =).Author: Maibam Chourjit Singh, R. Nongdren Singh. The effects of form training on foul-shooting performance in members of a women's college basketball team.

/ Kladopoulos, Chris N.; McComas, Jennifer J. In: Journal of applied behavior analysis, Vol. 34, No. 3,p. Research output: Contribution to journal › ArticleCited by: c. between and in the National Basketball Association, the home team won 47% of the time when there was a seventh game during the play-offs d.

a and b b. between andthe home team in the baseball world series won 38% of the time when there was a seventh game. When College Athletes Face Depression He was a college sophomore, almost six and a half feet tall and over pounds, and one of the school’s standout players.

particularly among women. DISCUSSION. The study was designed to compare the differences among three anxiety variables and three self-confidence variables for varsity athletes between team sport and individual findings of present study were consistent with the findings of Hogg () who indicated that athletes of the individual sport (swimmers, fifth graders) showed low anxiety levels as compared to.

Sports Psychology Chapter 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. STUDY. understand how mind influences the body and how physical effects development, health and well-being. two objectives of exercise psychology.

objective one. ex) How does anxiety affect a basketball player's accuracy in free-throw shooting ex) How do a coach's reinforcement and punishment. Effects of mental training on psychological preparation and basketball performance Michelle Trimble Ithaca College performance of women basketball players in competitive.

3 situations through the use of a MT program. Subjects measures to assess treatment effects. The attitudes of players who experienced MT were also : Michelle Trimble.The present research tries to consider the mental imagery effect upon the reduction of athletes` anxiety during sport performance using documentary analysis method.

We applied experimental method with pre-post tests and control group. The measuring tool was Ketle anxiety questionnaire (). Nearly one quarter of college athletes participating in a study reported "clinically relevant" levels of depressive symptoms, according to a new article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Female athletes were about two times more likely to experience the symptoms than their male peers. Researchers at Drexel University and Kean University surveyed athletes.